The main objective of 50a50 is achieving 50% female representation in decision-making roles within institutions, agencies and companies.

We also intend to make female talent visible, to help in the training of directors and entrepreneurs who have to lead this movement, and to make people aware of the necessity and benefits of a fairer and more balanced society.

Action lines

The work of the 50a50 Association is carried out in these four lines of action: lobbying, visibility, training and awareness. Click on each of the titles in the table below to find out more.

We carry out lobbying actions to achieve 50% female representation in decision-making positions, and in particular, we promote the candidacy of women in the election processes of institutions and bodies

We make female talent visible in the economic, business, institutional and media worlds through the participation of our partners in forums, talks and public opinion spaces

We offer training sessions and workshops on leadership to facilitate the empowerment of women managers, professionals and businesswomen, and we organize networking and professional promotion activities for members

We launch awareness campaigns for a fairer world, a partnership between women and men, with a balanced distribution of household chores, and where girls have the same opportunities as boys, and we promote STEM careers among girls, key for the future of the country


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