To obtain effective equality between men and women, and to implement the UN 2030 Agenda, we need significant implication from governments and institutions, from businesses and from the entire civil society. For this reason, we are building alliances with all women’s associations in the business world and in senior management circles, that wish to contribute to our lobbying efforts, such that we can truly value female talents and incorporate more women into all spaces of power and decision-making within our companies and institutions.

In Catalonia, there are many companies committed to equality and the integration of diversity which have already incorporated this philosophy into their organizational structures. We will make an effort to highlight them as role models, so that other companies are made aware of what is possible and join us in this encouraging and wealth-producing change: a world that is 50-50.

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Luxury premiere of the reading club

The association 50a50 has inaugurated its feminist reading club, with the presentation of the book "Curso de feminismo para microondas" (Ara Llibres) by its author, Natza Farré.

Members met in the assembly

The association 50a50 held the general assembly meeting, in which the management of the board of directors, the accounts of the previous year, the budget for the year 2019 and the new composition of the board of directors were approved.

Reading Club

The association 50a50 launches a feminist reading club aimed at members, with the aim of forming and reflecting on feminism and prepare ourselves to lead a movement of women entrepreneurs, professionals and executives committed to set new trends at business, economic and social level from a gender perspective.

After-works 50a50

The association 50a50 launches the after-works 50a50, a new meeting format in petit-committee aimed at promoting the relationship between members and the exchange of ideas about upcoming projects and initiatives to be carried out.