To work to advance in the fulfillment of her goal N 5 of the Agenda 2030 UN, so much at the personal level as professional, and to influence our environment to arouse of the need and the benefits of living in a more just, more equality, more ethical and more transparent world.

Promote actions of lobby stimulate with movements women’s cross street of all the areas of the company to manage to come to 50a50 from feminine representation in the public Catalan institutions and in the organizations public and deprived of the company.


  • A more just and balanced world, where all the organizations (public and private) are led and paid equitably: 50a50.

  • A better organized society, where the work of care of other persons and the remunerated work is distributed responsibly and equitable: 50a50.

  • A country where the wealth is distributed equitably: 50a50.

  • A future where the girls have the same opportunities that the children: 50a50.

Where do we lobby?

  • Alone you will arrive quicker, but together we will go much farther

  • Take the step, help us lobby to conquer the spaces of power


  • Make an economic contribution to the association

  • Help us finance lobby actions to promote equality


  • We women must be more visible

  • Women have opinions and generate content


  • Join the association

  • Go one step further and participate with us