The Demeter cycle identifies the challenges of organizations to advance towards equality

Commissioned by the Transparency Agency of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, Association 50a50 has organized and conducted the Demeter cycle "The challenge of equality in organizations", framed in the Demeter Program of the Transparency Agency, whose objective is transparency on gender equity and innovation in good governance.

Measures with a gender perspective

At the initiative of the 50a50 association, Hipatia Forum launches a campaign to ask for measures with a gender perspective that will help to alleviate the serious economic and social crisis resulting from Covid-19 pandemic. These proposals are included in the following feminist statement, which is released today.

Unbeatable women

The presentation of "Unbeatable, the age of women" within the 50a50 reading club has been a session around the essence of mature women and the need to vindicate the beauty of this stage of life.

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