Hypatia Cycle is starting

The 50a50 Association and 22 other entities and associations are included in the Hypatia Forum. Now, we organize the Hypatia Cycle, which will focus on pending subjects to achieve effective and real equality between women and men.

Leaders of the Future, the new 50a50 mentoring program

From the 50a50 Association and at the initiative of the future commission, we announce the launch of "Leaders of the future", the new mentoring program exclusively for 50a50 members, in which senior members will help junior members in their personal development process, in order to collaborate in the achievement of the 50a50 mission, achieve 50% female representation in decision-making positions.

Mireia Boya, in the reading club

The association 50a50 resumes the sessions of its fantastic reading club! Looking forward to having face-to-face sessions at the Documenta Library very soon, we will start with an online meeting on Tuesday, June 16, from 19 to 20 hours. We will comment on the book "Trencant el silenci" by Mireia Boya, who will attend the session.

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