Violet Thermometer: “Equality is not negotiable, it is law”

New campaign to measure equality in the boards of administration and management of organizations in Catalonia

The 50a50 Women’s Association launches the Violet Thermometer campaign “Equality is not negotiable, it is law.”

Current context
Faced with the latest statement from the World Economic Forum placing 136 years to integrate Equality within organizations in the world, we cannot stand still and resign ourselves. The data from UN Women reports show an increase in inequalities as a consequence of the different gaps, gender, women’s participation in decision-making spaces, salaries, pensions, digital … The open fronts are many and are they need courageous, agile, intelligent and networked actions.

Let’s react!
From the 50a50 Association, we do not want to wait and we react with a new campaign: “The Violet Thermometer: equality is not negotiable, it is law”. With this action, we will measure the percentage of participation of women in the boards of directors of the organizations, in order to create the X-ray of equality. We will start with the food sector, with a pilot study that will include 50 organizations.

50a50 vision

“With the incorporation of female talent, organizations win”

According to data from the European Commission, improvements in gender equality in the EU would generate up to 10.5 million additional jobs by 2050. The employment rate would increase by almost 80% and the gross domestic product (GDP) per capita of the EU could grow by almost 10% more until 2050.
From the 50a50 Association we want to raise awareness and empower organizations to join the global change movement to achieve real equality between women and men, the 50a50, shared leadership. We are open to collaborating with those companies that need information, training and strategies to become violet organizations committed to equality and female talent. We will release the results of the first study of the “Violet Thermometer” shortly.

Read the press release (in spanish)