Unbeatable, in the reading club



The 50a50 reading club will held the third session on Monday, September 30, with the presentation of the book “Unbeatable. The age of women” (in Spanish), by María Rosa Benedicto, Sara Berbel, Maribel Cárdenas, Estrella Montolío and Ester Pujol.

The session, which will take place at the Documenta Bookstore (Pau Clarís 144) from 7 to 8:30 pm, will be attended by two of the authors, Sara Berbel and Estrella Montolío, who are also 50a50 members.

“Unbeatable” is a work against prejudices, coercions and fears that women suffer from the age of 45. With the purpose of demolishing the wall of silence, anonymity and invisibility that raises the age, the authors call to break the glass cages that limit the full development of women in the public space.

It will be an intense session, with a strong formative component of empowerment of women. It is necessary to confirm assistance by writing to info@50a50.org