Training session “Leading in feminine”, by Anna Mercadé

“Leading in feminine” is the title of the next training session organised by the 50a50 Association, and will be given by its president, Anna Mercadé i Ferrando.

The session will take place on Thursday 19 January, from 18:30 to 20:00, at the Incubadora Almogàvers (c. dels Almogàvers núm. 165).

Anna Mercadé i Ferrando, president of the 50a50 Association, director of the Women’s Business and Economy Observatory of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and Sant Jordi Cross for her work in defence of women’s rights, will give this session on what a modern-day company run by women in the 21st century should be like. In her particular style, forceful and inspiring, Anna Mercadé will talk about the values of women in decision-making positions and will defend the reasons for women’s rights to economic and emotional independence and autonomy.

This course is open to the Barcelona Activa community by virtue of the agreement we have with them, which is why it is necessary to register through their platform, here. Participation is free, both for members and non-members.