Training session “Leading in feminine”, by Anna Mercadé

On Thursday 19 January, the 50a50 Association held a training session on female leadership given by our president, Anna Mercadé.

Starting from the premise that society is built by men and sustained by women, Anna Mercadé explained how patriarchal society is organised and directed according to the vision, the cycle of life, and male objectives. Thus, the norm is male. Therefore, as our speaker stated, it is not only a question of changing the current legislation, it is a question of changing the power structures, which are transmitted through culture and society.

The leadership that has prevailed in companies to date (hierarchical, pyramidal, authoritarian) has led us to a situation of extreme competitiveness, where women have never had a place, Mercadé explained. This is why we have historically been relegated to the home and care, causing a huge loss of female talent.

Moreover, we have had to choose between the supposedly feminine identity oriented and driven towards the family and the adoption of the male model of total dedication to work, without any consideration being given to the reconciliation of work and family life.

Mercadé also highlighted the importance of biological differences as well as emotional intelligence. Women are characterised by sensitivity, empathy, intuition, adaptation to change, flexibility, a long-term view, and the ability to mediate, among others. That is why we have our own leadership style: female leadership.

As our president explains, this is a transformational, open, and participative type of leadership, based on horizontalor network organisation, conflict mediation, and rational organisation of time.

Finally, Anna Mercadé y Fernando insisted on the need for a change of paradigm, where companies advocate female competencies and values. It is therefore vital to promote cooperation and collaboration between women, co-leadership, solidarity, unity and complicity, self-esteem, confidence and also the creation and promotion of nourishing professional networks.

At the end of the session, a relaxed debate was opened among the participants in which they shared their experiences and opinions on leadership, family reconciliation and female representation in companies, mainly. In addition, the participants received a copy of the book Dirigir en femenino, by Anna Mercadé and Fernando.