The power of social media against sexism

The reading club session organized by the 50a50 Association on the work “Ahora contamos nosotras” by Cristina Fallarás has been a session to raise awareness of the microsexisms that harass women on a daily basis.
Journalist, writer, and activist, Fallarás is the promoter of the hashtag #Cuéntalo and of civil disobedience as a revolutionary act. Her book explains the situation of how three million women were encouraged to collaborate in the story of violence they suffered and continue to suffer. Until recently, there was no account of violence against women. Not because of their reluctance, but due to the institutional imposition and the media. The #Cuéntalo movement not only evidences these silences but also creates a collective memory of sexist aggressions, narrated in the first person.
“Until now, the violence was not explained, but the #Cuéntalo by Cristina Fallarás and the #metoo at the international level have demonstrated the power of communication and social networks to fight against sexism, violence, sexual harassment and fear,” explained the president of 50a50, Anna Mercadé, who added that “only by explaining things can there be a collective memory against sexual violence.”
Vice President Mar Gaya has agreed on the strength of the sisterhood that it has entailed and has highlighted the passage in which the author relates that the official statistics on sexual assaults are far from the statistics collected by Cristina Fallarás, since in many cases the aggressors are from the victim’s environment and that is why they are not reported.
The participants in the reading club emphasized the need to make visible the wrong perception of reality that the youngest girls have, which they understand as normal sexist attitudes and behaviors that are inadmissible.