The political parties of the 14F take note of women’s claim 

Under the coordination of the 50a50 Association, the Fòrum Hipàtia, made up of 23 organizations and women’s associations, which includes more than 150,000 women from all over Catalonia, has organized the Pre Hipàtia electoral debate “Responses to the claim of women”, the first debate in a feminist key facing the Catalan elections.

Held six days before the 14F elections, the debate was a great opportunity to hear first-hand the proposals of the women who aspire to represent the citizens of Catalonia in the next Government of Catalonia, but above all it has allowed the Candidates listen to us, to women’s associations. As Anna Mercadé, president of 50a50, said, “it is time to do feminist politics.”

During the event, presented by Ariadna Romans, the Crosses of Sant Jordi Joana Amat, Fina Rubio and Anna Mercadé presented and conveyed the claim of women. On the part of the political parties, Anna Grau (number two and first woman on the list of Ciutadans for the demarcation of Barcelona), Elsa Artadi (number four on the list of Junts), Laura Vilagrà (number two and first woman on the list of ERC), Eva Granados (number two and first woman of the PSC), Jessica González (number three of En Comú Podem), Lorena Roldán (number two and first woman of the Popular Party), Joana Ortega (number two and second woman of the PDeCAT), Eulalia Reguant (number three of the CUP) and Rosa Maria Orriols (number two and second woman of the PNC).

Anna Mercadé explained that the Fòrum Hipàtia published last spring the “Feminist Declaration against the crisis caused by Covid-19“, proposing measures with a gender perspective to help alleviate the crisis. The political candidates started making a brief introduction about the solutions they propose to promote equality and feminism, and spoke about the provision of a gender budget line. Next, Joana Amat, president of the FIDEM Foundation and Copersona, argued that we must work on cultural change because we cannot afford the loss of female talent, and that the imbalance in the salary gap must be resolved: “we want women leaders, we want women of reference, but if they have so many obstacles that affect their professional careers, we will not find them. ” The participants were then asked about their proposals to address the wage gap and to promote shared leadership.

Finally, Fina Rubio, president of the Surt Foundation and of the Network of Women Directors and Professionals of Social Action (DDIPAS), highlighted the serious impact of the crisis on the most vulnerable women, and asked the How parties will face inequality situations from a gender perspective. “We need more gender equity and more social justice“, Rubio concluded.