The keys to professional success with gender perspective

The next session of the 50a50 feminist reading club will be held on Monday, February 10, as always at the Documenta Bookstore (Pau Clarís 144). In this meeting we will focus on the book “Now or never”, by Arancha Ruiz.

The session will feature the participation of the author, personal brand and talent specialist. We will talk about the keys to professional success in terms of gender, the brakes that women have in this “obstacle course” and also the weapons we can use to overcome them.

In this book, Arancha Ruiz explains that the opportunities for success are available to all who develop these three essential skills for the professional of the 21st century: learn constantly, weave a network of collaborators and be persevering. The success of a career is the result of an accumulation of professional and personal dilemmas in which we choose using intelligence and probability calculation. There are excellent and other improvable decisions; mediocre decisions and bad decisions. But all are difficult and you always learn. And you know which one is the worst? The one that is not taken.

The participants of the reading club enjoy a 5% discount at the Documenta.

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