The keys to neuroscience, with Gina Aran

The fourth session of the 50a50 women’s leadership training program has been developed in an online format under the title “Neuro-leadership tools for the empowerment of women leaders“, with Gina Aran as a speaker.

Human resources consultant specialized in leadership and organizational development, Gina Aran has explained the foundations of neuroscience for leadership: “The objective is to better understand how our brain works, to be able to enhance skills and to train some cognitive functions, and thus we can be better leaders, since these tools have an impact on motivation, creativity, team leadership and decision-making, among others.”

According to the CEO of Inginium and professor at ESADE Executive Education, the brains of men and women are different, and this explains the fact that we are more empathetic or have more multitasking capacity, for example.

All in all, a good leader must be task-oriented and relationship-oriented, and both areas encompass a range of behaviors and cognitive functions that can be trained.

During the session, members of 50a50 have worked in groups to put into practice some of Gina Aran’s advice.