The Demeter cycle identifies the challenges of organizations to advance towards equality

Commissioned by the Transparency Agency of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona, ​​Association 50a50 has organized and conducted the Demeter cycle “The challenge of equality in organizations”, framed in the Demeter Program of the Transparency Agency, whose objective is transparency on gender equity and innovation in good governance.

This cycle has been aimed at identifying the elements that would reinforce the objectives of the Demeter Program, and at offering tools to be able to advance towards real and effective equality in organizations, through equality plans.

The workshops, which have taken place online on October 29 and November 3 and 12, have had the participation of between 35 and 45 people, mostly from the public administration.

The cycle has been designed by Mar Gaya, vice president of 50a50 and consultant in gender equality policies, with the collaboration of Anna Mercadé, president of the association, and Neus Jordi, coordinator of 50a50, who has also moderated the sessions. In all of them, the Transparency Agency of the AMB has participated actively in the figure of its general manager, Gemma Calvet.

During the last workshop, Mar Gaya has been in charge of presenting the results of the SWOT analysis on the challenges and opportunities to advance towards gender equality. The association will deliver the results of this collaborative diagnosis to the Transparency Agency, and will prepare a series of proposals based on this analysis to continue developing the Demeter Program.