The Association 50a50 launches the space “Compartim” of female leadership

This year 2021-22, the Association 50a50 launches a training series focused on female leadership, with the space “Compartim” as a novelty. These are personal development and empowerment sessions reserved for members, which will be led by Mercè Martí Queralt, executive president of Kreston Iberaudit and with various positions of responsibility in organizations and associations linked to the world of auditing.

It is proposed as a participatory space, where 50a50 members will be able to share their concerns in the professional and personal world. Cases in which toxic elements of your teams challenge you because you are a woman, situations in which you have to endure a macho boss, doubts about how to balance work and family life without affecting your professional career. These are some of the cases that the members will be able to raise with Mercè Martí, who through her life experience will be able to deliver her valuable point of view on how to overcome these obstacles and reach decision-making positions. The other participants of the session will also be able to make their comments, in order to share and grow together in a space of personal development and shared empowerment.

This new cycle consists of three sessions in this course, which will take place on November 24, February 9 and April 20, always from 6:30 to 8 p.m. in online format.

The opening session will also feature the participation of the president of 50a50, Anna Mercadé, who will contribute her deep feminist knowledge to set the guidelines for the space.

Registration in the first session must be formalized through this form.