The 50-50 candidates, underway


The coordination team of the 50-50 candidates to the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona has organized a very useful working meeting, where each group has shared actions and strategies with the team.

The objective of the association 50a50 is to reach 50% of women in the plenary of the Chamber, because we are aware that a new leadership is needed, a shared leadership, where female talent is part of economic progress and offers new ways of doing, based in generosity, efficiency, consensus and transparency. It is the first important step of the association, and aims to achieve a cascade effect in other institutions and entities, because the Chamber must play a role in guiding business policies.

The meeting has also served to welcome the new candidates to this project, whose motto is “Now, all forward, for real change, also in the Chamber.”

The elections to the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona have been delayed to the month of March, so the presentation of the 50-50 candidates has also been postponed. In any case, the teams are working with great force, finalizing the program of each sector and carrying out meetings and contacts with key agents, in a work of women’s networks in satellite that every time takes more scope.

The candidates have celebrated the fact that the 50-50 parity speech is on the agenda of all the candidates for the elections to the Chamber. The establishment of the electronic vote is also very good news, as it will increase participation, which did not even reach 2% of the census in the last elections.