New day of the reading club with Alba Alfageme, author of the work “Quan cridem els nostres noms”

Next Monday 27th March we will have another session of the 50a50 Reading Club, where we will talk about the work “Quan cridem els nostres noms”. In addition, we will have the pleasure of having its author, Alba Alfageme.

This work is a compilation of real cases dealt with by Alba Alfageme on the impact and psychological consequences of patriarchy on women. The author, a psychologist specialising in sexual violence and victimisation processes, brings to the table the gender inequalities that currently exist in society, as well as the transformative power of the feminist movement on a personal and collective level in all spheres.

It is, therefore, a clear and direct book, which aims to highlight the situations that many women still must face today. It also analyses the consequences of patriarchal culture in all aspects of our lives.

During this reading, Alba Alfageme introduces many of the main topics of the feminist agenda, as well as other realities that women live in the 21st century. The author talks about the #MeToo and #countit movement, guilt, purple washing, identity and intersectionality, the hypersexualisation of bodies, the depoliticisation of messages and sorority, among others.

“Quan cridem els nostres noms” is a play that allows us to question issues that affect us all today, as well as the main demands within the movement.

That’s why we are waiting for you next Monday 27th March at 18:30 at Ona Bookshop, to talk about this wonderful work with its author, Alba Alfageme, as well as to share all our doubts and concerns about the themes it deals with.