Members met in the assembly


The association 50a50 held the general assembly meeting, in which the management of the board of directors, the accounts of the previous year, the budget for the year 2019 and the new composition of the board of directors were approved.

The meeting, which was attended by about thirty members, was held at the Centre Esportiu Municipal Perill in a pleasant and dynamic environment, characterized by the valuable contributions of some members.

The president of 50a50, Anna Mercadé; vice president Mar Gaya; the secretary, Cristina Oliva; the treasurer, Elizabeth Breedlove, and the coordinator, Neus Jordi, were in charge of presenting the different points of the assembly’s agenda, which received the unanimous approval of the members, especially regarding the work developed during the last months.

After the meeting, members and supporters enjoyed a networking dinner, with the participation of some businesswomen and managers interested in joining 50a50.