Illusion and renewal of the board in the general assembly of members

Illusion has been breathed among the members in the general assembly of the Associació 50a50, which has been held in a hybrid format, combining face-to-face meeting the anti-Covid capacity restrictions and the online mode for those who could not physically attend.

After more than a year of seeing us only through the screen, the members have recovered the heat and the “real” sensations of the face-to-face acts. It has therefore been a stimulating and enriching assembly, which has made clear the desire of the members to collaborate in the 50a50 projects and to help grow this network of feminist women who are ambassadors of 50a50 values.

The assembly of members has unanimously approved the management of the board and the accounts for 2020, as well as the budget for 2021. Likewise, the renewal of the board of directors has been agreed upon, on the one hand, some current positions have been re-elected to ensure the continuity of the task carried out, and on the other, some incorporations have been made to take advantage of the talent of the associated mass and that the body is representative of, following the formalization of the resignations of the board of Pilar Almagro i Marcos, Núria Lao i Mulinari, Isabel Martínez-Cosentino Ramos, Isa Moll de Alba Mendoza and Noemi Moya Villa, who have been thanked for the invaluable collaboration developed throughout this time.

As new incorporations, the assembly has ratified the adhesion to the board of Núria Bosch Sagrera, Susana Prado Garcia and Juliana Vilert i Barnet, who have already been working on an interim basis for some time, and also as new adhesions those of Mercè Armelles Sebastià, Ariadna Belver Comín, Patricia Roca i Fonollosa and Gemma Roy Serrat. The appointment of Juliana Vilert i Barnet as second vice president, replacing Isabel Martínez-Cosentino Ramos, and Carol Daunert Armillas as treasurer, replacing Elizabeth Breedlove, has also been formalized. Finally, Anna Mercadé i Ferrando, as president, has been re-elected for a second term; Mar Gaya i Quiñonero, as vice president, and Cristina Oliva i Berini, as secretary.

The board of directors of the Association 50a50 approved in assembly is as follows:

  1. Anna Mercadé i Ferrando (president)
  2. Mar Gaya i Quiñonero (1st vice president)
  3. Juliana Vilert i Barnet (2nd vice president)
  4. Cristina Oliva i Berini (secretary)
  5. Carol Daunert Armillas (treasurer)
  6. Núria Bosch Sagrera (chair)
  7. Elizabeth Breedlove (chair)
  8. Sofia Lluch i Saunier (chair)
  9. Esther Nin i Camps (chair)
  10. Livia Paretti (chair)
  11. Susana Prado Garcia (chair)
  12. Mercè Armelles Sebastià (chair)
  13. Ariadna Belver Comín (chair)
  14. Patrícia Roca i Fonollosa (chair)
  15. Gemma Roy Serrat (chair)