Gloria de Castro and her first work, “L’instant abans de l’impacte”, in our book club

On Monday 30 January, from 18:30 to 20h, we will resume the 50a50 feminist book club, with a session at the Ona Bookshop in Pau Clarís on the piece of work “L’instant abans de l’impacte”. We will have the pleasure of having with us its author, Gloria de Castro, to talk about the work in depth.

“L’instant abans de l’impacte” is a novel that analyses motherhood, work-life balance policies and the consumer society, portraying a bitter reality that many women face on a daily basis in the work world, including De Castro, the author of the book.

The book tells the story of a woman who works in the communications department of a telephone company and who, after two maternity leaves and a reduction in her working day, is forced to endure a situation of harassment by her bosses, who decide not to give her any work. Faced with this situation, the main character decides to write a diary for 365 days, where she refuses to buy anything she doesn’t need, making a fierce criticism of the current consumer society. All of this, at a time when her work, personal and couple’s lives are in turmoil.

“L’instant abans de l’impacte” is a raw novel full of humour, which recounts the experiences of a woman in her forties who, like many, is exhausted of putting up with completely unfair situations.

As the critics recognise, Gloria de Castro makes us rethink many myths and taboos about motherhood, the obstacles that women face in the world of work and the isolation and harassment that, unfortunately, many women still experience at work today.

A critical, crude novel, at the same time funny and entertaining, to reflect on what it means to be a woman, to be a mother and to try to maintain a working life at the same time.

We will have the opportunity to talk to the author herself at the next session of our feminist book club, which will be led by Anna Mercadé and Cristina Oliva.

So, we look forward to seeing you all on Monday 30 January at the Ona Bookshop (Pau Clarís 94), in Barcelona, to talk about this wonderful work with its author, Glòria de Castro.

The session is free with prior registration through this form. It is aimed at both members and people from outside the association.