Feminist reflections and empowerment of women in the reading club



After the holidays association 50a50 has resumed the reading club, with the second session, which has focused on the book “The braid”, by Laetitia Colombani, a story about three women from different continents who share ideas and feelings that unite them in a powerful yearning for freedom.

This session has been directed by Cristina Oliva and has included a deep reflection on the state of the situation of gender equality and feminism in the world. “The stories of these three brave women, living in India, Italy and Canada, are current and show that women push to change structures, despite the invisibility we suffer, fears and pressures”, Anna Mercadé said.

From the work of Laetitia Colombani, the members of 50a50 have shared thoughts and anecdotes about the lack of gender equality in our society, and at the same time they have received significant doses of empowerment of women to improve this situation and move towards real equality.

The patriarchal system, Judeo-Christian culture, motherhood, the rationalization of schedules and the male crisis of identity are some of the issues that have been discussed in the session, which has been held in Llibreria Documenta

The meeting has had the participation of three possible new members, who have been delighted. “I just realized some things that are happening around me, until now I was not paying much attention but this session has opened my eyes, it has been a discovery,” one of them said.

The next session of the 50a50 reading club will be held on Monday, September 30, with the presentation of the book “Imbatibles” by two of the authors, Sara Berbel and Estrella Montolío, who are also members of 50a50.

The reading club is open to all members of 50a50, as well as friends and other women interested in knowing the association, always prior registration to info@50a50.org