25/10/18.- Fourth session of the cycle “Leading economic sectors with female talent”


The fourth session of the cycle “Leading economic sectors with female talent” will be held on Thursday, October 25. It will focus on manufacturing industry.

The round table will be moderated by the president of 50a50, Anna Mercadé, and will be introduced by Mar Gaya, consultor of equality policy. The speakers will be Carme Poveda, head of Economic Analysis in the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona; Carol Daunert, consultant of DiverInvest Asesoramiento Financiero, and Sofía Lluch, CEO at Lluch Essence.

Carme Poveda will present the study “Women in Catalan industry“, which she prepared last year for the Catalan Government. It will offer interesting data that will be used to introduce the most personal experiences of the other two speakers, Carol Daunert and Sofía Lluch. Daunert is a specialist in the steel and metallurgical sectors, while Lluch works in the chemical sector, dedicated to the distribution and commercialization of essential oils and aromatic chemicals for food and perfume industries.

The cycle “Leading economic sectors with female talent” is jointly organized by Barcelona Activa and the association 50a50 with the aim of advancing towards the full and effective participation of women at all levels, in order to guarantee equal opportunities.

The session will be held on October 25, from 3:00 to 4:45 pm, at the Centro para la Iniciativa Emprendedora – Glòries (Llacuna 162-164, Barcelona 08018).

You can register for the conference through this link.