Unbeatable women


The presentation of “Unbeatable, the age of women” within the 50a50 reading club has been a session around the essence of mature women and the need to vindicate the beauty of this stage of life.

The five authors of “Unbeatable. The age of women”, which are María Rosa Benedicto, Sara Berbel, Maribel Cárdenas, Estrella Montolío and Ester Pujol, demolish the wall of silence, anonymity and invisibility that raises the age and call to break the crystal cages that limit the full development of women in the public space, science, art, technology, culture, politics, economics.

With the participation of two of the authors, Sara Berbel and Estrella Montolío, the meeting of the feminist reading club has raised smiles and demands, in a counter-narrative of the discourse that prevails over the mature woman. The work stands against the prejudices, coercions and fears that women suffer from the age of 45, a speech that the readers of “Unbeatable” make their own to shout that “the mature woman is powerful, spiritual, erotic, communicative, professional, selective, corporeal”, in the words of Montolío.

“The work is opening the eyes to many women,” president of 50a50 Anna Mercadé said. “True: I am 45 years old and I am much happier since I have read it!”, one of the participants replied.

“There is a sense of recognition and identification that is very comforting and therapeutic, because you see that you are not alone, and also with a point of empowerment,” Estrella Montolío confirmed.

Sara Berbel has referred to the breath of freedom provided by the book: “Even when you are victim, there is a small spark of freedom. We are lucky, we have reached this fullness, with freedom, with possibilities and from positions of power. We are gaining space and now we feel liberated, but we have to keep fighting, for ourselves and for the rest”.

The next session of the 50a50 reading club will be held on Monday, November 11, with a book to be defined shortly.