Mireia Boya, in the reading club

The association 50a50 resumes the sessions of its fantastic reading club! Looking forward to having face-to-face sessions at the Documenta Library very soon, we will start with an online meeting on Tuesday, June 16, from 19 to 20 hours. We will comment on the book “Trencant el silenci” by Mireia Boya, who will attend the session.

Mireia Boya is known for having been a deputy in the Parliament of Catalonia, but beyond politics in this book she shows her most personal aspect, that of a feminist woman who has suffered machista attitudes, who shares the 50a50 values ​​of putting life at the center and of sorority, and which also calls for a transformation, a change in feminine.

To participate in the session, it is mandatory to register by writing to info@50a50.org. Those correctly registered will receive a reminder email a few hours before the session with the link to join it.