Measures with a gender perspective

At the initiative of the 50a50 association, Hipatia Forum launches a campaign to ask for measures with a gender perspective that will help to alleviate the serious economic and social crisis resulting from Covid-19 pandemic. These proposals are included in the following feminist statement, which is released today.

The document “Declaració feminista davant la crisi provocada per la Covid-19” (in Catalan) denounces the lack of political commitment in applying the Equality Law 17/2015 and invites to carry out a paradigm shift, through co-leadership and co-responsibility, and putting the creation of life and people cares at the center of society.

Therefore, the 20 associations of Hipatia Forum propose a series of measures with a gender perspective to alleviate the crisis and call for the creation of a feminist committee to monitor the impact of Covid-19 on women.

Other associations or companies are invited to subscribe the feminist statement, as well as individuals, so that the demand has more force: we want facts and not words.

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