Closing of campaign for the 50a50 candidates for the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona


13 brave women, representatives of different economic sectors, lead the project that fights for a parity Chamber, oriented to good governance and sustainable progress


The event of presentation of the candidates of the Association 50a50 to the elections to the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona has taken place this evening. The elections, which are held from today, May 2, are the first elections in which it will be possible to vote telematically in Spain.

The presentation, which was developed at the Center Civic Joan Oliver “Pere Quart” of Barcelona and has also served as the closing of the campaign, has counted with the participation of the 13 women joined to defend the real change and the generational renewal of this organization, with a new leadership, that contributes a new economy and, ultimately, a new Chamber.

For the women of the association, which is chaired by Anna Mercadé and which has a hundred women as members, this modernization and updating of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona is to achieve a parity representation in the plenary of the Chamber, with a 50% of women with the right to voice and vote in the institution.

Thus, 50a50 candidates believe in shared leadership and achieved by meritocracy, where female talent continues to be part of economic progress and provides new ways of working based on generosity, efficiency, consensus and transparency. Its objective is to achieve a cascading effect in other institutions and entities, and they want to start doing it for the Chamber as they believe that this has to be a reference in the orientation of Catalan business policies.

In the presentation, the 50a50 vice president, Mar Gaya, stressed: “Women are half of the population and we need to have a real and binding representation in decision-making positions, without dependencies, for a fairer society and equality, in accordance with the Law of Catalan Equality and in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goal number 5 of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations”.