50a50 female leadership training program

50a50 launches a training program for female leadership, which aims to offer a framework of professional and personal growth to 50a50 members to be able to exercise female leadership in their organizations from a gender and enriching perspective.

Each session will be taught by a professional specialist in the area and partner of 50a50, who from a more theoretical or more practical side will offer the tools that today’s managers, professionals and entrepreneurs have to apply to lead organizations from the perspective of gender and inspired by responsibility, diversity, respect, ethics, honesty, transparency and sustainability as values.

The program consists of seven sessions, which will take place from January to July 2020, according to this calendar:

Session 1. Monday, January 20
“Introduction. The transformational leadership”, by Anna Mercadé i Ferrando

Session 2. Wednesday, February 12
“Why women can and want to be leaders. Personal development plan”, by Joana Visa Esteve

Session 3. Monday, March 23
“Executive presence and female leadership”, by Catalina Pons Freixas

Session 4. Wednesday, April 22
“Development of talent and team stimulation”, by Lola Sánchez Tudurí

Session 5. Monday, May 18
“Neuro-leadership tools for the empowerment of women leaders”, by Gina Aran Selvaggio

Session 6. Thursday, June 11
“Professional reinvention and personal reconciliation”, by Montse Pujada Pellegero and Andrea Zambrano Calzado

Session 7. Monday, July 6
“Leaders without stress: mindfulness”, by Núria Mercadé i Ferrando

All sessions will take place from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm, in the 50a50 coworking (Diagonal 460, 2-2).

The program is exclusive for members. Each session has a symbolic cost of 10 euros per member. Registrations are processed per session through Event Brite, within the deadlines communicated to the members by email.